5 Cfr Service Agreements

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(i) the total amount of the authorised recruitment incentive shall be taken into account in proportion to the length of the period of service in order to determine the amount of the recruitment incentive resulting from the completed and uncompensated service referred to in this Section. (5) The number of employees whose service contracts were terminated before the end of the agreed period of service, the sub-counts counting § 575.511, 575.512 and 575.513 respectively. (g) No agency may enter into a group service agreement or individual incentive or provide an incentive for collective or individual engagement, without a service agreement, in accordance with section 575.310(f) for a period of two weeks` pay during a period of service – the duration of service is an agreed period of employment to which an employee is bound under a service agreement. 2. If service to the new service does not begin on the first day of a period of service, the Agency shall postpone the start date of service so that a necessary period of service begins on the first day of the first pay period beginning on or after the new service enters service. 1. The service contract must include the start and end dates of the required service period. Except for the reasons provided for in paragraph (b)(2) and point (b)(3) of this Section, the necessary service time shall begin to start operating in the new service. The benefit period must end on the last day of a payment period. (e) the service agreement contains a provision specifying whether the natural would be required to reimburse the paying agent for student loan repayments if he voluntarily separates from the paying agency to work for another agency before the end of the period of service. (See § 537.109 (b) (2)) 3. An appointment of a person to the federal government if, during the 90-day period preceding the appointment, his or her length of service with the federal government was not in an excluded position in accordance with section 575.104 and was limited to one or more of the following: (j) Notwithstanding point (f) of this Division, where an agency terminates a service contract in accordance with paragraph (b) of that section, where a staff member is required to reimburse all recruitment allowances received under this Service Agreement, due to material or false or inaccurate statements or deception or fraud during the examination or appointment or lack of professional qualifications.

(f) The Agency may include in a service contract specific terms (in addition to those prescribed by law) that result in the loss of the right to repay student loans and/or an obligation for staff to repay student loans already received by Agency staff. (See § 537.108 (a)3) and 537.109 (a) (2).) However, a service contract cannot be reimbursed on the basis of – No additional payment from the Agency for unfinished services The employee is downgraded or separated for a specific reason, the employee receives an evaluation less than “Fully successful” or the employee does not meet the conditions of the service agreement (5 CFR 575.111 (b) and 575.211 (b)) An agency must obtain the full amount of the recruitment or relocation incentive if the incentive is authorized, the amount of the incentive is determined for a period of service. The total amount of recruitment or removal allowances received during the period of service may not exceed 25% of the annual basic salary of the worker existing at the beginning of the period of service, multiplied by the number of years (including a fraction of a year) during the period of service (not more than 4 years). The OPM authorization may, in certain circumstances, increase this ceiling to 50 per cent so as not to exceed 100 per cent of the worker`s annual basic salary at the beginning of the period of service. . . .

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