Clanmil Tenancy Agreement

Written by: saadmin

I thought I had a few things to say myself, but it makes no sense to make complaints unless you are willing to fill that gap after they have been made. So I thought the best way forward for our building was to represent them and make my suggestions. I told myself that I would have at least one voice at the base and that I would not only applaud with my neighbors about what should be said or could be said. I got involved because I felt helpless as a tenant. Decisions were made over my head and without my consultation on things related to the building I lived in. The decision-making process was defined, and it was not for tenants. I got involved very early in the residents` association and I am still hit by brick walls installed by the housing company. They need to understand where to go to get the answers to their problems, and then understand why it`s a yes or no. After joining my tenant forum, I was overwhelmed by the amount of support and conviction participants have when they want to move forward and make improvements.

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