SEO Best Practices for Manufacturing Marketing

One of the most essential and highly rewarding parts of Digital Marketing is the use of SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical for driving traffic to your site. But the game has changed dramatically due to Google’s recent search ranking algorithm updates. We recently discovered that Google is now ignoring some traditional SEO tactics such as “keyword loading” (adding … Read More

An 8 Step Digital Marketing Strategy for Manufacturers

Prospects have become more immune to traditional sales and marketing tactics—including the role of the sales rep. With so much information readily available online, buyers can go through most of the purchasing process on their own. Inbound Marketing Strategy to the Rescue Inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that draw prospects in (to your website), rather than having to go out … Read More

Before-and After Website Design Examples

A website is a company’s most critical marketing asset. A well-designed website can differentiate from the competition, capture more leads and help increase sales. We’ve compiled several before-and-after examples that show dramatic improvement not only in design, but also in mobile-friendliness, brand positioning and useability. If you’re thinking about redesigning your company’s website, schedule a free consultation with us and we’ll … Read More

Fun Christmas Card Design Ideas

Well, it’s that time again—Time to start thinking about the family Christmas card. As a graphic designer, I look forward to this project because it’s an opportunity to be creative, spread some cheer and touch base with our family and friends. Here are some of my favorite designs over the years, that will hopefully spark some ideas of your own. Idea #1: … Read More

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