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Accompanying form for the research project in electronic master`s degree and the practical project deposited in the AUT library. If necessary, you will be asked to submit an electronic copy of the PGR18 form. Please discuss this with your faculty for more details. Good supervision is based on open communication between superiors and the candidate. At the beginning of the project, it is important that all parties are aware of their mutual expectations. These expectations are discussed as part of the Student-Supervisor Agreement, which must be submitted to the application at an early stage, and a copy of the agreement must be posted online as part of the first eVision progress report process. In order to help you find the right project, we have made an overview of the supervisor who can supervise you and on what subject. All parties involved should accept that the early stages of work can create problems that need to be addressed constructively if the project is to prosper. Although academic issues are prioritized, students and facilitators should be prepared to speak openly about other topics regarding the candidate`s ability to progress with the PhD. It is important that the agreement is not forgotten and that you and your superior stay on track. The agreement can be adjusted later, but try not to make any major changes.

A checklist for instructors that can be used after receiving the first thesis/thesis project. Download forms for PhD students at AUT, including master`s and doctoral students. It is strongly recommended that you download the current form each time you use it instead of using a form saved on your computer or on a previous occasion. See AUT`s copyright information for researchers. Click on the link below that guides you on the page for more information: Appointment of additional supervisors and changes. This will give you an idea of which supervisor you can turn to next week before making a decision. All students who wish to start their master`s thesis at DTU Electrical Engineering, Automation and Control by January 2020 must complete the application form. Note: If you have problems opening forms, try using a different Internet browser, for example.B. Google Chrome or Firefox. The registration deadline for the master`s thesis at the AUT is: 29.

November 2019 via the form below. To be completed by a candidate who transfers the doctoral application from another institution to the AUT. A statement that the final thesis is ready to pass to the exam. RWSN – Rural Water Supply Network – St. Gallen – Switzerland Application with detailed requirements for transfer. Contains a brief research proposal for master`s and honours students. Request for embargoes to restrict access to a final thesis/thesis/exegesis. Requests should be submitted as soon as the need for confidentiality is established. January is the period during which many students write their master`s thesis. At DTU Electrical Engineering, Automation and Control (AUT), we also expect many students interested in writing their master`s thesis as part of our group. A half-month report on the progress of the candidate`s research.

Request for confirmation of the application and the complete application.

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