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There is a difference between an SLA and an SSO. With both, you can organize maintenance, the difference is in the angle: the SLA focuses on services and service levels and the SSO focuses on maintenance, which of course also has requirements. If the focus is primarily on maintaining a particular device, we recommend using single sign-on, as it has already been largely designed for this purpose. If you have any questions about purchasing one of our products or if you have any questions about maintenance contracts or malfunctions, you can contact us by email, via the website or by phone. The Service & Installation department of Hettich Benelux can be reached via service@hettichbenelux.com; distribution by info@hettichbenelux.com. Both departments can also be reached by phone via our general phone number +31 88 221 99 00. You can request from our service – installation service a multi-year maintenance contract based on WIBAZ. These maintenance contracts are indexed annually according to the NZa. Our Service & Installation department has also implemented maintenance protocols related to the products in our range. You can also contact us for: Om afspraken te maken met een leverancier over onderhoud aan apparatuur, software en systemen kan je in veel gevallen gebruikmaken van de Standaard Service Overeenkomst (SSO) van de WIBAZ/FHI/NEVI. Deze SSO is modulair opgezet en kent onder andere modules voor periodiek onderhoud, uptime garantie, software-updates en -upgrades en een module voor remote service. The Service & Installation department, as well as our Operations & Production department, are responsible for all our service activities. You can request from our service – installation service a multi-year maintenance contract based on WIBAZ.

An SLA is an agreement between a customer and a contractor that includes agreements for the provision of products and services and defines mutual responsibilities. In an SLA, certain service levels, also known as performance levels, are associated with different services. By monitoring the services provided, it is determined to what extent a provider agrees and can be adapted if necessary. An SLA may also contain agreements on costs and possible penalties if a supplier does not comply with the agreements reached or does not comply sufficiently with them. Bronson Incubator Services B.V. . . .

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