Services Provided

Marketing Strategy

Mobile Friendly Website Design

Brand Identity Design

Brand Positioning

Search Marketing (SEO)

Capabilities Brochures

Direct Mail Campaigns

Tradeshow Booths


We delivered a contemporary and professional-looking design along with stronger positioning and better usability.

Logo Redesign and Brand Positioning

We asked Dubric’s Leadership three important questions:

  1. Why should a prospective customer choose you rather than one of your competitors?
  2. What unique claims can you make about your products and/or services?
  3. What’s in it for the customer if they choose to work with you?

The result: a new brand positioning statement that resonates with prospective customers and differentiates Dubric from their competitors.


Capabilities Brochures


Search Marketing (SEO)

SEO has changed dramatically. It’s no longer about just optimizing your pages with keywords. Most companies use SEO to increase awareness of their brand and to drive more traffic to their website.

But SEO is actually part of something more comprehensive called “inbound marketing”—the strategy of attracting prospects to your website with quality content and converting those visitors into leads and customers. Modern SEO involves:

  • Persona Development
  • Keyword Research
  • On-page optimization
  • Analytics

Tradeshow Booth

We designed the booth to quickly and clearly convey benefits and points of differentiation. The design and messaging is also consistent with Dubric’s other marketing communications.

Trade shows require a large investment of time and money, so we ensured that Dubric’s presence and activity at the show resulted in a positive ROI.

Muller Design helped us think about our business and competition differently, and provided us with the tools our sales team needs to grow market share.

Jeff Koeper, President, Dubric Industries