Effective Tactics for Generating More Awareness, Web Traffic, and Leads

Are you looking to improve your marketing effectiveness? if you’re experiencing stagnant growth, especially in terms of new leads, take a look at this list of tactics that we’ve compiled. Incorporating one or more of these tactics should improve your marketing effectiveness. If you have questions or want to learn more about how these tactics work, feel free to contact … Read More

Email Marketing Strategy and Tips for Successful Campaigns

With so many emails hitting our inboxes, we sometimes question if email is still a viable tactic, or if email’s best days are behind us. Fortunately, research shows that email is still one of the most effective marketing tactics to communicate a specific message to a targeted audience and to stay top-of-mind. Another benefit of email is that it’s very inexpensive … Read More

Here’s a Website Design Framework that Will Increase User Engagement and Leads

A company's website is one of its most important marketing assets, so it's important to spend the time planning, designing, developing the site so it generates user engagement and leads. Key components of an effective webpage that engages visitors and converts them into leads can be summarized by the acronym: BASIC. Benefits—Instead of leading with features of your product or … Read More

How to Increase Website Engagement and Leads

  In a recent survey of over 2000 small to mid-sized companies, respondents ranked “generating more leads” as their top marketing priority. In order to increase website leads, you first need to ensure that your website is engaging users by delivering value.  When done properly, engagement drives business success. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your site is … Read More

How to Generate More Awareness and Leads at Your Next Trade Show

Now that trade shows and in-person events are back in session, it’s important to make sure your investment pays off, and that you’ve maximized your time, budget and resources. Here’s a list of pre-show, during-show and post-show activities that will help make your next event successful in terms of ROI.   PRE-SHOW PLANNING   1. Create a strategy around your specific, … Read More

How We Helped Clients Grow: SEO Strategy + Website Design [Case Studies]

SEO Strategy Increases Awareness, Website Visits and Leads for Michigan Air Solutions Michigan Air Solutions, an industrial compressor and air systems distributor, initially contacted us to redesign their website. After reviewing their analytics we discovered that they weren’t generating many visitors and only received 1-2 website leads per month from their website.   We devised the following strategy to help them increase awareness, traffic … Read More

10 Ways to Make Your Website More Effective

  Your website is your most important digital marketing asset, so it needs to be engaging, differentiated from your competitors and a lead generator.  Here are some recommendations on how to make sure your website is firing on all cylinders.   1. Review Your Target Personas As with all marketing activities, one should consider who the target audience (persona) is. … Read More

4 Ways to Drive More Prospects to Your Website with Search Marketing

  Search Marketing, also known as SEO or SEM, is an excellent way to increase awareness and prospects. It’s also a very broad topic, so I’ve boiled things down to four main categories: Organic Search, Google AdWords, Re-marketing and Local Business Listing. They key is to identify which options will help you achieve your objectives while also providing you with … Read More

10 Keys for a More Engaging and Effective Website

Your website is your most important digital marketing asset. So it’s important to keep it fresh, engaging and differentiated from your competitors. Here are some ideas to inject some life into your site.   Start with a Plan 
Just as you would never build a house without a blueprint, the same goes for a website. Make sure you’ve asked and … Read More