Web Design

Effective Tactics for Generating More Awareness, Web Traffic, and Leads

Are you looking to improve your marketing effectiveness? if you’re experiencing stagnant growth, especially in terms of new leads, take a look at this list of tactics that we’ve compiled. Incorporating one or more of these tactics should improve your marketing effectiveness. If you have questions or want to learn more about how these tactics work, feel free to contact … Read More

Here’s a Website Design Framework that Will Increase User Engagement and Leads

A company's website is one of its most important marketing assets, so it's important to spend the time planning, designing, developing the site so it generates user engagement and leads. Key components of an effective webpage that engages visitors and converts them into leads can be summarized by the acronym: BASIC. Benefits—Instead of leading with features of your product or … Read More

Digital Marketing Work Samples (2021)

Brand Identity and Positioning: AMI Bearings LinkedIn Ad As a mid-level player in the hyper-competitive and price-driven bearing market, AMI had to differentiate from larger conglomerates who could beat them on price. We discovered that because of AMI's smaller size, they were more nimble and adaptable. They had the ability to offer customization without impacting price or delivery. The larger … Read More

10 Keys for a More Engaging and Effective Website

Your website is your most important digital marketing asset. So it’s important to keep it fresh, engaging and differentiated from your competitors. Here are some ideas to inject some life into your site.   Start with a Plan 
Just as you would never build a house without a blueprint, the same goes for a website. Make sure you’ve asked and … Read More

Is Your Website Helping or Hurting Your Lead Generation Efforts?

A lot of companies I work with are trying to figure out how to generate more leads from their website. There’s a myriad of ways to generate more leads—the problem is that companies may waste a lot of money generating more traffic without generating enough good leads for their sales team. So they often conclude that these tactics simply don’t … Read More

Is Your Website Working For You?

When I sit down with an executive or business owner to review their company’s web site, there are usually several issues that need to be addressed. Some are obvious (i.e. poor design), while others are not (i.e. poor lead generation). It almost goes without saying, that a company’s website can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool. But in order to be effective it must be: … Read More

New Website Launch—Unity Christian High School

We had the privilege of working with the outstanding students and staff at one of the finest high schools in the area. Three of the biggest issues we addressed with the old site was that it was dated, not mobile-friendly, and didn’t reflect their vibrant facilities and community. The new site is built on WordPress—making it easier to update and … Read More